It all started one fateful day while tending to my Etsy Stores. I received the ‘dreadful’ notification alerting me that I was added to a Facebook group. I smelled Multilevel Marketing.

I finish maintaining my social media campaigns, editing photos for the Etsy stores etc etc. You know what I’m talking about if you have any type of Store/Blog… I then head to see what kind of overpriced items that I was sure I would see plenty of memes on why I need the items at hand.

Color Street. I see pictures of nails. What seems to be nail polish. If I were to be sucked into an MLM, it surely wouldn’t be involving nail polish. I cannot even keep OPI on my nails for more than a half hour.

I could never pull off wearing nail polish or those sticker things without tearing the polish up completely in the first day of coverage. I am an artist and a gardener I might add.

So, this friend of a friend aka moderator of this group has already asked me if I’d like a free sample. I agreed I would give it a try because ‘free,’ right?

A week later I receive this sample in the mail. I open it up. The sample package includes a nail file, cuticle thing, pre-germ wipe, nail polish remover pad and of course the two finger sample.

You guys- It’s pretty amazing. My nails rarely wear with these things on, and if they do- I just patch it with all the extra left over. It’s real nail polish, not like the coconut stickers you can buy at Walmart. Color Street nails are only $11-$13 for two wears per item for what seems like ‘forever wear.’ And I promise you, you’ve not bought something remotely similar in a store. If you don’t believe me, you can email me for a sample.

Another perk of Color Street is that it’s 8-FREE, which means, the common toxic items in regular nail polish just doesn’t exist. It actually qualifies as non-toxic. I hate to admit, I had no idea until after I bought the starter kit.

I want to talk a little bit about the marketing aspect. You do not need to pressure anyone into a ‘kit.’ Sure, like any pyramid, it’s nice to have people under you. But honestly, you could really get places just by having a store.

I sell Essential Oils and buddy, those are hard to sell for several reasons. The market is full of similar items whether they are on the same scale as far as ‘purity,’ or not. Another reason is simply- people do not (most of the time, lets be honest) regularly use essential oils until you introduce them.

Disclaimer: I love essential oils but I am simply talking about the ease of selling here.

When I purchased the kit, I had sales that same night. I’m not even through my first month and I’m going to meet the ‘Fast Start’ bonus. I get paid weekly for my sales. People love the product and have already, enthusiastically told me that they’ll order more.

I’m not 100 percent sure if this is a new MLM or Direct Sales company, but I can say they’ve recently blown up to the point where I think they are being to generous with everything. I’m not kidding. They send you updated catalogs for free in the mail and other marketing tools.

I’ve struggled to complete this blog post because I feel like a used car salesman, but I wanted to put it out there. I feel like now is the time to jump in… and I’d rather shout it at the mountain tops than not!

If you’d like more info, shoot me an email or if you’d like to jump right in because you know how it works, here’s the link-

or if you’d like to view the shop just to check it out or place an order (YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SIGN IN):

I would happily give you a couple sets of nails from my collection if you’d like to help me build a leg aka buy the starter kit! I also promise to help you achieve your goals and answer all your questions! Your success is my success!

Lemme know, fam.


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