My Recommended Products: Essential Rewards Purchase ideas (Young Living)

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If you are a member of Young Living you have the opportunity to sign up for ‘Essential Rewards.’ In this program, you will spend $50 dollars a month purchasing products from the Young Living website under your account AND EARN POINTS FOR FREE STUFF. This may sound expensive but the money you will save by using concentrated products, that generally last up to a year, will save you a ton of money!

I’ve compiled a list of the products I enjoy, to last you 3 months on the essential rewards program (please ask me how to sign up if you’re interested before ordering product). I made sure each order totals the necessary 50PV. Some may go a tad over.






Breath Again Roller: 25.75 PV + Thieves Cleaner 22 PV + Lavender Lip Balm 4 PV = 51.75 PV

Breathe Again is something you should get right away in the midst of winter, as I write this in the beginning of January! Breath again is an all natural alternative to vapor rubs to help with congestion.

Thieves cleaner is a HUGE MONEY SAVER and a chemical free alternative cleaner.  Your kids can even use it and it really (i promise) cleans just as good as any cleaner I’ve tried from the store. This bottle will last you for a year in my experience because it’s concentrated. All you need is a spray bottle. Dollar Store anyone?

Lavender Lip Balm is another item you should get during the winter. Lavender is great for healing and I find this works better then any store bought chapsticks. I use this on my 6 year old who constantly licks his lips!




Satin Facial Scrub 16.25 PV + Cedarwood  11.25 PV + Life 9 Probiotics 28.75 = 56 PV

Satin Facial Scrub – I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this stuff! This is by far the best face wash I’ve ever owned and the awesome thing is NO CHEMICALS! I wish I could explain the sensation more accurate but to me it’s like a cooling, refreshing burst in the morning. I rub it all over my face and neck!

Cedarwood is a fairly inexpensive oil but it’s one of my favs! I mix this with lavender in my diffuser and the smell is AMAZING! Cedarwood is also good to diffuse by itself.

Life 9 Probiotics: Everybody should be taking probiotics! I’ve taken probiotics before but not like the cultures Life 9 provides- BILLIONS! Two weeks after taking Life 9, my stomach issues were gone but more importantly my mood changed drastically. Gut health is extremely important, I’ve learned recently and can cause depression and anxiety among other things.



Eucalyptus Globulu 14.50 PV + Lemongrass 11.25 + 34.75 = 60.50 PV (sorry 10 over but these are too good to pass up!)

Eucalyptus Globulu: Young Living offers a few types of Eucalyptus. This one is by far the best in my opinion. Can you say Spa? I also like to use it in the bath with epsom salt.

Lemongrass mixes well with so many things and it’s not expensive. It’s also good to diffuse on it’s own!

Peace and Calming: Save the best for last! This does exactly what it says. i put this on my diffuser bracelets daily!






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