7 Aroma Therapy Diffusers on a Budget

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I started my essential oil journey by purchasing a lonely bottle of lavender from my cousin whom is a rep for Young Living (this blog is not intended to promote any certain essential oil, this just happens to be the oil of my choice).

I bought the lavender because as you may or may not know, lavender is said to promote relaxation and even help you sleep- which I was having a terrible time sleeping at the time.

Now, I was in the market for a diffuser and I was NOT paying the prices of Doterra or Young Living. Again, I buy Young Living for their oils not accessories unless it comes free with an order, which happens now and again.

Here are a list of items from Wish.com (No, I wasn’t paid for this, I just shop here a lot).




1. Portable USB Office Car Humidifier Air Purifier Aroma Ladybugs shape Diffuser

You can find these cuties here. $5.00 and $3.00 shipping!STAR-4.5



2. USB Mini Essential Oil Air Humidifier Aroma Diffuser Aromatherapy Mist Steam

You can find these bed side diffusers here! $5.00 and $3.00 shipping!Image result for four stars



3. Mushroom Humidifier Cartoon Aroma LED Mist Aromatherapy Diffuser

Find this fungus here for $6.00 and $3.00 shipping!Image result for four stars


4. Mini Aroma Diffuser Aromatherapy Air Purifier USB Panda Humidifier Office Home

Find these lovable bears here for $9.00 and $4.00 shipping!Image result for four stars




5. Ultrasonic Humidifier Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser Cool Mist With Color LED Lights essential oil diffuser Waterless Auto Shut-off

You can find this colorful display here for $14.00 and $6.00 Shipping!



6. Wood grain Aromatherapy Difusser

You can find this beauty here for $19 and $4.00 shipping!STAR-4.5



7. Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser Ultrasonic Humidifier Air Mist Aromatherapy Purifier LED Light

You can find this on here for $16.00 and $7.00 shipping!STAR-4.5


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